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A holistic path for a better life

Maintain the well being of life through the balance of physical, mental & spiritual health

The Universal law & Ayurveda by Dr.Nilakshi Lenora

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Ceylon Ayurveda centre focus on the wellness beyond a treatment. Our system based on the Sri Lankan traditional medicine system and Ayurveda.

We provide a holistic treatment for you with an internal and external treatments of Pancha Karma, Yoga and Meditation by Using Quality herbal medicines. 

We help you to get rid of diseases as well as to prevent from the diseases. This is the best place to build up your path for a better life.

                    “Arogya Parama labha – santhutthi paramam dhanam”

                Health is the ultimate profit .Contentment is the ultimate wealth
                                                            (Lord Buddha)

Dr.Nilakshi Lenora

BAMS (Colombo University)

Dip of Ayurveda Pancha Karma

Dip of Ayurveda Beauty Care

Yoga Practitioner

Registered in NHPNZ

Dr.Nilakshi Lenora is a talented young Ayurvedic doctor whom has completed her degree of BAMS(Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)from the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka.She has enhanced her career with extensive researches and clinic conductions and also rendering her service to both government and private medical sector where she has become extensively qualified and experienced with Ayurveda Pancha Karma and Ayurveda Beauty culture in addition to the general Ayurveda medical practice.

Being the one of the grand daughters of Dr.R.B.Lenora who is considered as the father of Institute of Indigenous Medicine of Colombo University, the Ayurveda medical practice in her blood.Having focused on providing an individualized treatment , her utmost priority is to provide the best Ayurvedic healthcare which constitutes of Pancha Karma,Yoga,Beauty culture along with Traditional medicine.